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Recently, AGILOX has officially become a member of the Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance. This honor not only signifies that AGILOX's technical strength and industry influence in the field of intelligent logistics have been widely recognized by the industry, but also indicates that it will work with the members of the alliance to jointly promote the innovation and development of the mobile robot industry.


As a member, AGILOX will actively participate in various work of the alliance, collaborating with other members to promote the standardization and normalization of the mobile robot industry. Meanwhile, AGILOX will continue to increase research and development investment, constantly enhancing the technological content and competitiveness of its products and providing customers with even more superior intelligent logistics solutions.


AGILOX will persist in advancing technological progress and industrial upgrading. We firmly believe that, in the future, the mobile robot industry will embrace even broader development prospects, invigorating the evolution of the intelligent logistics landscape with new vitality.

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